Tissue and Toilet Paper & Shampoo.. Oh my!

Almost every host provides some level of supplies that need to be refilled from time to time. Whether it's Shampoo and Body Wash, or Toilet Paper and Napkins, these supplies take time to purchase and cost money. Especially if you're paying retail rates (Walgreens, CVS, Target etc.) 

At GuestBook, one of our core missions is to not only save you time, but most importantly money too (Time is also money). Our goal is simple. More Profitable hosts. 

Research shows us that Guests are happy and more likely to give you a good review, if you offer some basic level of amenities. It make traveling less cumbersome, and makes their stay less stressful if they don't have to find a local supermarket or convenience store, just so they can use the bathroom or take a shower. 

Raise your hand if you fall into one of the following scenarios:

  1. Your guest leaves, your cleaning professional cleans your rental, and shortly before they leave (or some time during their assignment), you receive a message stating that you're out of toilet paper, shampoo, laundry detergent and air freshener? You ask your cleaning professional to pick up more supplies and bring them back to the rental before the next guest.... Sound familiar? So the cleaner just ran to the store, paid retail rates for more supplies, sent you a picture of the receipt, and you include the cost of goods in an additional payment OR the next payment you make to them. The rental is restocked but jeeshe, that was a multi-step and often times expensive process.

    - Or -
  2. (If you're local) Your cleaning person reports the missing, low, or completely out supplies. You have a guest coming in a few hours (or maybe the next day), and you drop what you're doing, run to the store, pick up supplies, take them to your rental, unpack them and just like that... The place is restocked.  Not really "Just like that", because you got stuck in traffic, the store was out of paper towels so you had to run to another. And all of that running around cost you precious time you can never get back. 

The GuestBook Solution.

When Hosts Activate GuestBook Pro and their cleaning professionals download the app, magic happens. Actually not magic, but something we think will really help streamline this process. 

With the GuestBook Pro mobile app for cleaning professionals, cleaners have the ability to report "Low" or "Completely Out" supplies.

Cleaners Report Low & Missing Supplies During Each Job

The supplies your cleaner marks off as "Low" or "Completely Out" are then marked, and included in the overall cleaning report that hosts receive when each cleaning job is completed and sent to the GuestBook Host app.

At GuestBook, we've taken the time to curate a list of supplies we think every host either has, or should have, if they don't. Those supplies are linked to Amazon Products and with any easy click, they'll end up in your cart and shipped right to you. (We assume Prime members will receive those products next day, but have no guarantees as Amazon's shipping polices are based on type of account, location of shipment destination and time of ordering). Again our goal is to not only save you time, but save you money as well. After all.. A penny saved, is a penny earned.

No more scrambling to the store at the last minute to grab shampoo, no more overpaying by having your cleaning professional pick up supplies at retail prices (not to mention the cost of paying them to go to the store in the first place) 

Activate GuestBook Pro and make sure you're getting accurate reports. Unless someone has a TP party, this functionality SHOULD prevent you from ever running out of supplies again.  

These are the supplies we've included in the first round of our cleaning report: 

General Cleaning Supplies   

Floor cleaner  
Glass & Surface Cleaner
Air Fresheners    
Laundry Detergent    
Garbage Bags     


Paper Towels    
Dishwasher Detergent Pods    
Dish Soap      
Dish Rags            
Cloth Napkins          


Duvet Covers              


Body Towels          
Hand Towels          
Toilet Paper  Hand Soaps            
Shower Gel / Body Wash            
Tooth paste

General Supplies

Scented Oil Diffuser        
Beach Towels        
Hair Dryer          
Spare AA and AAA Batteries (Remotes)            
Iron & Ironing Board  

Are we missing something from this list?  Let us know. :) 

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