GuestBook Pro is the easiest way for Airbnb and homesharing hosts to book their cleaners and keep them updated about their jobs and cleaning assignments. During busy rental seasons it can be frustrating to send multiple emails, text messages and last minute phone calls to your cleaners, to get them on site in between guests. Many hosts struggle to find reliable cleaners to respond to their ever changing schedule.

The result, missed cleaning jobs, inconsistent cleaning jobs, and upset guests who either arrive to a dirty rental or show up and question "whether or not those sheets have really been changed"... Yikes. 

The Solution - GuestBook Pro

When you setup your account, one of the core services available to activate is GuestBook pro. All you have to do is add your primary cleaning professional's cell phone number and activate the service. 

Once your cleaning professional has activated the service, every time you receive a booking, The cleaner will be notified as well. The check out date and time of the guest will added to your cleaner's dashboard and they'll receive a notification that a new job has been added to their dashboard.. It doesn't matter how far out the booking is.when They book, your cleaner get's notified and everyone is happy, informed and knows the property will be taken care of. 


24 hours before the cleaning, we proactively reminder the cleaner of their upcoming job for the next day.  

Cleaning Workflow.

Before they arrive, your cleaner can verify the address, review access instruction s if need by, see guest information so they know who they might encounter and when the next guest will arrive. Your cleaner then checks in to each job, letting you know they've arrived at the property. This provides peach of mind, knowing your cleaner is on-site and your property is being cared for. 

Built right into GuestBook pro is a function that allows cleaners to report damage if any exists, go through a check list to ensure a quality and consistent clean every single time (Great for guests to know they're arriving to a clean place), let you know if you're low on supplies and check out when the job is done. 

When the job is over and the cleaner is gone, You'll receive a notification in your GuestBoo Host app that gives you a full report. How long did it take, was there any damage, and are you running low on supplies.

The Cleaning report in your host app, looks like this: 

Be sure to activate GuestBook Pro today and get your cleaner started! For cleanings made easy, reliable and consistent. 

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