Dependent on the host activating GuestBook Pro.

One of the biggest complaints we've heard about from hosts and guests alike is the discrepancy between the travel times of guests and the check in / check out policies of hosts. Both are legitimate issues that require a solution.  

Rightfully so, hosts create check in and check out time policies that require guests to leave by a certain time and arrive after a certain hour. Logistically this makes sense for hosts who have to turn the place over in between guests (Clean it, restock it, prep for the next arrival). This is also good business practices because after-all, hosts charge set a per day rate and for most, this is how they make money. Hosts just can't allow guests to stay indefinitely or as long as they want without justifiably charging them for the time spent in the rental.

Just recently, there was a horrible case coming out of Amsterdam where a frustrated host, became violent, pushing a guest (who was very late in departing) down a flight of stairs, for overstaying the check out time by more than two hours... First and foremost, we want to condemn this violent act and remind everyone, that violence has no place and no business in any part of the Airbnb experience, we applaud any action taken by Airbnb to prevent this host from being a part of the community in the future. We sympathize with this guest and truly hope for a full recovery...

And while a majority of these situations do not get to this extreme, there is a real challenge that needs to be addressed. Especially with international travelers. Frequently, hosts' check out times are scheduled for 11:00 am or something close to that. Check in times are typically 3:00 pm or 4:00 pm. But what happens if you're a traveler and you're not ready to leave at 11::00 am for some reason. Let's say you're on vacation and your flight isn't until 6:00 pm that evening. What do you do? Do you ask the host if you can stay later? Do you drag your bag around all day until you have to head to the airport? Do you ask the host if you can just leave the bag behind and come back for it before you leave to the airport? How do you, as a guest, handle the situation when you have to leave. But you're not ready to leave?

For hosts, the problem is even bigger. What happens when guests ask for a change to their arrival or departure times, that don't coordinate with your check in / check out times?  Do you agree to every request?  From a hospitality perspective, the right thing to do is to accommodate the guests needs. They're the traveler. They're your guest. They're in your care and it's your responsibility to ensure they have an incredible experience. But.... 

  • You're running a business and in this to make money, why should you provide a space that you charge a certain rate for, for free? 
  • The guest wants to stay late and you now have to reschedule the cleaning lady which takes time and resources to manage.
  • The guest is willing to pay for their extra time, but there's no easy way to request the money and let's be honest, there's something awkward about the conversation to begin with. 
  • Another guest is coming / leaving, so how are you going to accommodate everyone AND get your cleaner in to turn the rental over in between? 

The Solution - Extra Revenue from GuestBook. 

We've come up with a solution that we think will work for everyone. By giving hosts the ability to turn on "Early Check ins" and "Late Check Outs" from their dashboard, we believe we can solve all of these problems. 

Guests will have the ability to request and pay for (for a reasonable fee) the ability to arrive early, or stay late, should they need to alter their stay to coordinate better with their travel. 

Hosts will be able to collect additional fees, for the extra accommodations their providing to their travelers. 

As a reminder, this is a requested convenience that guests can pay for if they choose to. They don't have to, and the fees are never forced upon them. If they don't want to pay , they can vacate as normal OR, the host can continue to manage their accommodations for free. 

For early check ins to work however, the host must activate GuestBook Pro. One day before the guest checks out, GuestBook will send an offer to the currently staying guest, and offer them a late check out. They can accept and select their desired accommodations, or they can reject / ignore the offer. They have until 3:00 pm, the day before departure to decide. 

If there's no new guest coming in that day, we'll offer the guest the ability to stay as late as they want, for a fee. (All the way up to a half day rate, since we assume they're not extending for a full day and just looking to hang around until their night time flight out of town.  If there is a guest coming in on that day, we'll offer them a list of choices that still leaves an window of time for the cleaner to turn the place over. 

If the current guest does not make a selection by 3 pm that day, they'll forfeit their right to stay beyond the agreed upon and scheduled check out time and thus, early check in options will become available for the incoming guests. (if there's one coming in on the same day) 

But what about the cleaner you ask.. Precisely, because of the shifting schedule, we realize the need to let the cleaner know too. That's exactly why we ask the day before. If a guest changes their time, the cleaner is also notified of the adjustment through GuestBook Pro, so they don't show up when the guest is still there. 

Well, what about the cleaner's schedule. What is they can't come on an adjusted schedule? Don't worry. We're working on that right now! ;) 

To activate Early Check ins and Late Check Outs. Login to your GuestBook dashboard and start earning extra revenue today. 

Currently GuestBook charges a 30% fee on extra revenue collected. Hosts setup their account by adding a payout method such as a bank account for EFT, Paypal, or ,we'll issue a hard check. All payments have varying transfer and payout times associated with them. Please see our dashboard for details. 

We've set the rates at $10.00 / hour for additional time, with the first hour of early check in being offered for free. We are working on extending our functionality to allow hosts to set their own rates, and will offer ways for hosts to take advantage of a lower commission structure. 

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