One of the most important times for a guest, can be the days leading up their their arrival. There can be a lot of anxiety for guests who don't know what they're about to arrive to. "Will the host be there to personally let me in?" "Will there be a lock box with a code?" "Where do I park my car?" "How do I access WiFi?" These are just a few of the very common questions that guests are asking hosts in advance of their arrival. 

Some hosts, (the good ones,) already have an informational email that they send to all guests, on some type of schedule. 2 days before the trip? 3 days before the trip.... 5 days before the trip... Who knows. They all have their own sense of timing.  Admittedly, as much as we all recognize the absolute necessity of sending this information to help reduce anxiety of arriving guests, the reality is that it can be time consuming and often times a host can even forget to send this information (Bad Communication). 

This can never happen. In a traditional hotel, guests arrive to a "Warm and Sincere" greeting by a friendly face behind a front desk. There is always someone available to greet them and attend to their needs. In The vacation rental market, that's rarely the case. This leaves guests with a lot of anxiety. Especially when arriving late at night from an international trip. A risk anyone using short-term rental websites seems willing to take. 

The Solution - GuestBook Automation

At GuestBook, we've been hard at work, on a solution to this very problem that hosts are having and guests are experiencing. We believe deeply in helping hosts "Take it to the curb." (Extending the service out to the guest way in advance of their arrival and after their departure.) 

Automation is just that. Because we import all of the property information and reservation data from the top bookings sites, we already know when your guests are arriving and departing. In accordance with that schedule, GuestBook will send messages on behalf of the host.

Immediately After Booking

"Hi [Guest Name]
I received your reservation, I will send you a separate message with everything you need before you arrive.
[ Your Name]

7 days out from the arrival of the guest we send "A warm and sincere greeting." 

Hi [Guest Name],
I'm excited for you to stay at my place. Here's some info to help you plan your stay. Thanks [Your Name] 

Link to the Travlr web page.

This message is sent to the guest. The Guest is directed to a web page and soon to be a mobile app (Travlr) where they can feel comfortable knowing they have access to this information whether they're online or offline. 

2 days (48 hours) out from arrival, we automatically make check-in instructions available. This includes:

  • A reminder about check in time
  • Check In Instructions (how to get into the property. Especially if check in is automated with a lock box or a smart lock on your front door). You can, and should be as detailed in this section as you possibly can. Consider leaving an emergency contact number and / or the location of a coffee shop with WiFi, should the guests run into any problems getting in. 
  • WiFi access
  • Notes about your entertainment system (should the guest want to plop down and watch a show after a long flight) 
  • Parking Instructions. We have an option for both onsite parking and Offsite parking. If parking is offsite, you can enter details and an address for the local accommodations. 

That's it. Setting up Automation from your dashboard is that easy! You probably already have this information stored in an email somewhere. Just login to your dashboard, turn on Automation, fill in the details and set it, and forget it. You'll never miss another message to arriving guests again. If the guests have questions, they'll be able to reply right to your messages and from the Host App, you can reply. 

The best part is, we provide event statuses right on the reservation cards so you can rest easy, knowing your guests received your messages.. 


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