One of the biggest questions, and challenges with Homeshare hosts, is "Staying in the know" about important events associated with a guest's experience and stay in your property. There's so much happening,  and it's easy to lose track of important events, times and dates. 

Our system is built to keep you informed and aware of what's happening in your place while a guest is staying, and beyond.

For Hosts, we send the following notifications when:

  • Your New Property Is Synced With The Booking Site(s) 
  • A Reservation Is Imported From A Booking Site To GuestBook 
  • Your Invited Guest Successfully Registers For Their Account 
  • Your Guest Views Your Property Information & Check In Instructions 
  • You Receive A Message From Your Guest (New And / Or Replies)  
  • The System Sends Your Guest A Mid-Stay Check, To Verify Enjoyment  
  • Your Guest Receives Checkout Reminder 3 Hours Before Checkout Time
  • Your Guest Checks Out. 
  • Your Cleaning Professional  Registers Successfully
  • Your Cleaning Professional Accepts / Rejects New Dates 
  • Your Cleaning Professional Completes assignment & The Space Is Ready.  
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